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今天,En Japanese Tapas的facebook 在沉寂多日后终于更新了。昨天还查了En 重新开张的日期的我,似乎对这个消息的到来,正式有种青春落幕的感觉。

En Japanese Tapas

Hi everyone!! It’s been a long time since our last post. We have an announcement we have to make. We should have done this earlier but I didn’t know how to put this into words or maybe I have been avoiding to think about it.
But yes it’s about time.

En Japanese Tapas decided to close our door permanently after 11 years of business. We are super sad we have to say goodbye to en but right things have to be done in life. Hope you had great times with your friends, family and coworkers at En. Thank you very much for being great customers and We will miss you guys so much 😭😭😭







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