About Me

So, this is the fourth time I edited this ABOUT. I updated it once a year.

This blog is all about my personal life. If you are more interested in the geek side of me, please visit http://potatoming.wordpress.com/. you will see a totally different piece of me in this world. I put all the after-work coding projects there. 

I really have not much to say at this moment. 

  • Moved back to Bay Area in the middle of the year. And that is all to me this year.
  • Spent more and more time on Yoga.   ~ Peace, Union and Love ~
  • Did a lot of coding work in off-office hour. Most of them in either Python or R.
  • Took some online courses to brush up some coding knowledge. Most of them were big data related classes. All of these courses were from coursera.org . Got one certificated with distinction. YAY!

So, say bye to 2013.

~~ Here comes 2014 ~~P1010947

%  Like me or hate me, either way, you are thinking about me. %